I did not know much about Bowen therapy prior to the first treatment, but Karin explained how the treatment works, manipulating the meridians with a gentle touch. It made sense to me both as a yogi and yoga teacher. She checked the range of movements in my spine and asked if I had any health issues/complaints. I have a chronic lower back problem and was light headed at the time, and felt like I was coming down with a cold or flu. During our discussion Karin kept detailed notes. The treatment was very pleasant; Karin kept me warm and I forgot about time. I went to bed straight after the treatment and was amazed at how well I slept and did not come down with a cold / flu and my lower back felt softer for days. I was hooked! Since then I have been back for more treatments, and they have all been good – however the first one takes the prize as I had no expectation and the result was amazing! I believe Karin’s skills, friendly and gentle manner makes her a great therapist.
-MA, Coogee

Karin introduced me to Bowen when she heard about my regular visits to the chiropractor. At the time I had found out I had developed early stages of arthritis in my middle back area. I train 5-6 days per week and play football, so running on concrete, lifting and other strenuous activities have caused a lot of wear and tear. Initially I saw Karin once every three weeks. I was very surprised at the results. She spends about an hour or so on your problem areas, the atmosphere is extremely relaxing (I usually fall asleep) and most of all I get the best night’s sleep after Bowen. I stopped going to the chiropractor after going to Karin regularly, as I found the treatment a lot more therapeutic and helpful long term. I have been going for Bowen treatment now for over 12 months and would recommend to anyone who has any niggly issues or serious sports injuries.
-JC, Bankstown

I have received a couple of Bowen treatments from Karin Mavromatis for a sore neck. The treatments helped relieve the stiffness, and I also found that I slept extremely well after the treatments. It was a very enjoyable experience and I found Karin extremely professional in her work.
-BW, Maroubra

Karin performed Bowen therapy on me throughout my chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Despite the considerable pain and nausea that were side-effects of the chemo, I found Bowen therapy to be calming, relaxing, and it reduced my aches and pains. I also slept more soundly after each treatment. Karin’s kindness, sensitivity and her obvious concern for my comfort and wellbeing meant that each Bowen session was mentally restorative as well. I would strongly recommend Bowen as a complementary therapy during chemo and beyond the treatment phase.
-NP, Darlinghurst

Karin worked on me in relation to two major issues. The first was a back which causes me a lot of pain from time to time and a knee which had previously experienced a torn meniscus and been operated on. Amongst the benefits I experienced were a warming sensation around the treated areas and afterwards a feeling of relaxation. The interventions have brought me relief from pain and a sense of wellbeing. Karin is thorough in her assessments of which treatments may be the most appropriate and she has a professional yet friendly and approachable manner.
-PM, Rosebery

Having persistent tense shoulders and nerve damage in my arm due to a repetitive strain injury, I’ve been open to alternative therapies, aware that much of the pain may be related to energy flow. After learning about the success stories of Bowen Therapy, I decided to give it a shot. Karin has been excellent in providing a professional, calming and relaxing environment for the sessions (I admit I fell asleep in some of them because they were so relaxing). I’ve always felt extremely relaxed after Bowen Therapy with Karin and have seen progress in my range of movement, previously restricted by my injury. I highly recommend Karin’s services.
-VK, Hillsdale

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