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Spring Bowen Therapy Sydney was established by Karin Mavromatis after she discovered the benefts of Bowen therapy. Karin takes great satisfaction at seeing improvements in clients’ physical and emotional health and wellbeing and ensures that care is given in providing a relaxing environment for clients.

Bowen Therapy (or the Bowen Technique as it is sometimes known) involves a series of gentle moves (usually a rolling-type motion) over certain points of our muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints. Bowen therapy produces many positive changes in the body, including increased hydration of tissues, improved posture, sleep patterns and emotional health and wellbeing.


Spring Bowen Therapy

Having persistent tense shoulders and nerve damage in my arm due to a repetitive strain injury, I’ve been open to alternative therapies, aware that much of the pain may be related to energy flow. I’ve always felt extremely relaxed after Bowen Therapy with Karin and have seen progress in my range of movement, previously restricted by my injury.

-VK, Hillsdale

Spring Bowen Therapy

Karin performed Bowen therapy on me throughout my chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Despite the considerable pain and nausea that were side-effects of the chemo, I found Bowen therapy to be calming, relaxing, and it reduced my aches and pains.

-NP, Darlinghurst

Spring Bowen Therapy

I have received a couple of Bowen treatments from Karin Mavromatis for a sore neck. The treatments helped relieve the stiffness, and I also found that I slept extremely well after the treatments. It was a very enjoyable experience and I found Karin extremely professional in her work.

-BW, Maroubra